Generating a listing from your world’s most-visited torrent sites is usually a lengthy-standing tradition at TF, which we continue today. At the outset of 2015 KickassTorrents is tugging in several traffic then Torrentz.

TOP 10 MOST POPULAR TORRENT SITES OF 2016Generating a listing from your world’s most-visited torrent sites is usually a lengthy-standing tradition at TF, which we continue today. At the outset of 2015 KickassTorrents is tugging in several traffic then Torrentz. File-discussing icon The Sailing Bay is presently lower, but can receive a mention due to a renowned copy.

2016-top-torrent-sitesMost torrent customers rarely change their installing habits and the places where they obtain daily torrent dose.

This is certainly reflected in the annual top 10 where most torrent sites experienced an everyday listing greater than half decade.

Similarly to year you can find a couple changers and shakers though, and also the greatest impact is done from the Sailing Bay raid early recently.

kickass torrent The well known torrent site is still crowned amongst the most common torrent site since 2008, but isn’t serving any torrents at the outset of in 2010. Consequently, the most effective place is becoming taken by KickassTorrents.

The Sailing Bay hasn’t vanished completely though. You will see presently several popular clones and copies from your site that together are able to match the traffic on many other websites which might be listed.

Due to considered one of its top copies TPB handled to enjoy a invest fourth place. Taking into consideration the problem we chose to mention both original Sailing Bay domain along with the most-used copy.

The relief in the top 10 includes other familiar names. would be the only site to lower inside list, with taking its place.

Demonoid, which returned online captured, just fell through the top 10 but undoubtedly setting up a slow but steady comeback that’s worth mentioning. There\’s a strong possibility it will return again pick up.

This is actually the entire report on the most effective 10 most-visited torrent sites at the outset of 2012. Only public and British language content sites are incorporated. Their email list is founded on various traffic reviews and we all display the Alexa and U.S. Compete show up for each. Additionally, we include last year’s ranking for each and every one of the 10 sites.

Folks who desire to improve their privacy may wish to work with a anonymous proxy or VPN service.


KickassTorrents began last season and surpassed The Sailing Bay in traffic this coming year, before it went lower. Fighting various censorship efforts they\’ve already burned by using a few different domains through the years. Most lately it switched into the Somalian address.

ALEXA RANK: 151 / COMPETE RANK: 711 / This Past Year #2


Torrentz has long been the real key Bit-torrent meta-internet search engine for several years. Unlike another sites featured in the list Torrentz doesn\’t host any torrent files, it basically redirects site visitors along with other places on the net. The internet site uses several domains with .eu being amongst the most common.

ALEXA RANK: 206 / COMPETE RANK: 1.716 / This Past Year #3


ExtraTorrent carries on get more traffic and possesses become by far the most active torrent towns. The web site will also be is know for typically the most popular ETTV and ETRG release groups.

ALEXA RANK: 356 / COMPETE RANK: torrents 3,446 / Not too long ago #4


During the time of writing The Sailing Bay isn’t serving any torrents. However, you will see several copies and clones with the site which, at the moment, take its place. is presently the most used and in accordance with its recent traffic the web page is rated at least fourth with this list.


5. YTS

YTS, also known as the discharge group \»YIFY,\» is amongst the most identifiable movie piracy brands on the internet. Despite a court court-purchased Web service provider blockade from the Great britain the group’s torrent site continues expand.

ALEXA RANK: 740 / COMPETE RANK: 4,271 / A year ago #5


TV-torrent distribution group EZTV is really a niche site concentrating in TV content only. Because of its narrow focus, EZTV’s traffic varies with all the TV seasons. Despite posting a several dozen torrents per week it draws countless guests.

ALEXA RANK: 1,262 / COMPETE RANK: 5,421 / This Past Year #6


RARBG, which began out being a Bulgarian tracker, was last year’s newcomer and is constantly about the attract more targeted traffic. The website was blocked by British isles ISPs recently, desinged to use it componen many different other sites while in the top 10.

ALEXA RANK: 1,326 / COMPETE RANK: 8,890 / During the past year #10

8. ISOHUNT.TO premiered in 2013, under two days after shut lower. The site isn\’t involving the previous isoHunt but needs to keep its spirit alive. Precisely the same people are also behind, that is certainly comes on in fourth place.

ALEXA RANK: 1,890 / COMPETE RANK: 7,723 / Not too long ago #8

9. 1337X

1337x may be a community driven torrent site. The site’s proprietors say they released 1337x to \»fill an apparent void where it appeared there\’s too little of quality conscience ad free torrent sites with public trackers.\» This holiday season the web site dropped its .org domain in fact it is now operating from

ALEXA RANK: 2,581 / COMPETE RANK: 11,389 / Recently #7

10. LIMETORRENTS but has existed for many years already, and obtained place from the best there is much surprise. The web site sprang out in news reports september time after rrt had been prosecuted by LionsGate for posting a web link to many leaked copy from your Expendables 3. The circumstance may be ongoing.

ALEXA RANK: 2,608 / COMPETE RANK: 3,984 / A year ago #NA

Disclaimer: Yes, everybody knows that Alexa isn’t perfect which Compete has many of defects, but combined both perform good job at evaluating websites that are employed in identical niche.

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